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Interactive Design, Digital Magazine

Founded in the UK in 1998, Protein Journal seeks to be a global insight platform, “whose dedicated worldwide audience is kept up to date on the latest trends and behaviors through useful tools, daily reports, and in-depth events”.


THE PROBLEM: Although Protein keeps its readers informed on cutting edge technology, the magazine itself lacks a tool that can deliver this information in a unique interactive format.


THE SOLUTION: I created the foundation of the new Protein Journal Interactive Magazine. This digital magazine app download will come with a free subscription to the print journal. It offers a unique, enjoyable UI that pushes the boundaries of interactive publishing. Protein Journal’s digital magazine engages the readers with interactive pages such as 360-degree photos, color changing images, and video interviews. It involves more than just reading; it becomes an actual experience. An experience that the readers of Protein Journal should come to expect from this leading global insight platform.


To see the prototype, click here.

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